FaZe finally wins a Major

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Source: PGL

After six years in CSGO, FaZe and Rain have finally won a major.

It took six years and two major finals, but Rain finally got to feel the confetti rain down as they were crowned the victors of PGL Major Antwerp.

Judging by his tweet after the match, he’s pretty happy about it.

The win was also a long time coming for karrigan, who played in the very first CSGO major all the way back in 2013, when his teammate ropz was barely a teenager.

Despite heroics from Perfecto, who was one of two NaVi players that ended the series with a positive rating, it was not enough to keep NaVi in it.

FaZe survived an attempted comeback on Inferno – a frightening concept for anyone who remembers the Boston Major – and were dominant on Nuke despite NaVi’s attempts to stage another comeback.

Rain claimed MVP of the event, ending the finals with an incredibly high 1.49 rating and 107.9 average damage per round.

On the other side of the server, NaVi struggled. s1mple, who at this point is the undisputed best player of all time, could only muster up a .89 rating, while electroNic managed a barely-better .96.

It’s too early to tell if it will be the beginning of an era for FaZe or just a flash in the pan.

But regardless of what happens, those five players are Major Champions now and no future struggles will ever take that away.

May 22, 2022

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