FaZe flips the script

Gijs Verhoeff
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Source: IEM

First offline playoffs in a while, and four teams are facing off to go on against either G2 or NaVi for a spot in the final. VP faced Astralis for a chance against G2, and FaZe looked to deny Gambit a shot at the NaVi rematch. The game so nice, you play it more than 30 times. It doesn't rhyme, but it is true.

But no, FaZe just had to go and ruin the simulation. They bested their quarter final opponent in three maps, rather unconvincingly might we add. First map saw them go to Ancient, which budget mouz carried 16-13.

Then things got heated. Map two would go to two overtimes on Overpass. It was a close affair, but it saw a battered Gambit come out victorious, 22-20. But could they carry their momentum to map three?

No they couldn't. And you knew, because we already told you FaZe won the Bo3. Even our story is all messed up now... Of course the decider had to be Inferno, because what other map could it really be? Gambit kept it close with a 6-9 half, but FaZe were just plain better. 16-9 and Hobbit and co are out.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bracket, Jame and his SANJI-sponsored AWP would face "shadow of their former selves" Astralis. Now this was what you call a close game. Astralis would just about clutch out Overpass 19-16 to put the series at 1-0.

Dust II would see VP bounce back though, closing out the match in yet another overtime win. The final score would read 22-20.

Map three it is. You guessed it, Inferno. This is where VP really lost their footing. Astralis got comfortable and finished the map with an easy 16-8 win.

IEM Cologne Quarter-finals

  • Virtus Pro vs Astralis: 1-2
  • Gambit vs FaZe: 1-2

And so they went off to the semi-finals...

July 18, 2021

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