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Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by: NovaH

If you weren't aware of quite how global esports has become, you will be now - because Mr Worldwide himself has gotten involved.

That's right - FaZe Pitbull.

We were hoping it would be MiBR, cause we had a great 'sponsored by Tinder/Timber' joke, but in fairness, Pitbull and Swae Lee teaming up with basketball players and bizarrely footballer Gregory van der Wiel to invest $40m into FaZe is a close second.

Pitbull is famous for being number one twice in the USA, something FaZe fell at the final hurdle of, when they choked a 15-11 lead to Cloud9 on the final map, Inferno, of the Grand Final of the Boston Major.

All jokes aside, this on the surface level is a good sign for the rest of esports. FaZe are very much the outward 'face' for most people of esports, and probably the biggest organisation involved. Whether trickle down economics will help water the grassroots is yet to be seen, but the sheer scale of the names involved and the money means we're probably all onto something with this 'people watching games' thing.

Of course, we all knew this, and $40m pales in comparison to the money involved in 'real' sports, but more investors and more money will almost always be a positive thing. Not least for us, as we're planning to piggyback off of other people's success by reporting on it.

April 19, 2020

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