FaZe visit Weston-super-Mare

Harry Richards
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When we left you on Monday, there were four teams on six points in Group C of Pro League. Since then, the Round Robin nightmare got even worse.

  • Mousesports beat BIG in a straight shootout for qualification, with their round difference enough to secure 2nd place, and push BIG down to 5th.
  • Fnatic then dispatched EG, who joined G2 and BNB in the 0-5 gang, with the Swedes putting themselves on nine points with +3 round difference (remember that!)

In the final game of the group, we had the big one: FaZe vs NaVi.

But umm, it didn't really live up to expectations - they might have similarly stylised names, but the output on the server was wildly different.

Powered by multiple Perfect(o) clutches, a 2-0 win was enough to get NaVi to 1st place. And to leave FaZe on +2 round difference. One less than Fnatic. Seems a fair way to go home.

Seriously though, any time you need a graph this big to explain possible scenarios, do you not have to consider... changing format?

We asked you on twitter and only 11% of you had Round Robin as your favoured format. Food for thought, ESL.

Group C Final standings

September 2, 2021

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