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  • Flusha's new project has materialized under the name "GORILLAZ". We can't believe our Rhinestone Eyes, we even had to squint like Clint Eastwood. We rate this roster 5/4.
  • The team's already on Melancholy Hill however, as they reminisce the time where they actually had five players.
  • Understandable, have a nice day.
  • DBL PONEY have qualified for the Closed Qualifier for the first EU RMR event, which will be played at Flashpoint 3. But is this a double pony with one trick, or is there more?
  • Bit late to ask for your Pepsi back six bloody years later Pimp... Coke is better anyways. The drink of course, not the powder. Don't do drugs kids!
  • Get your man of the match here, freshest in town! Free agent guaranteed!
  • This is DETONA. When DETONA finds out one of their players has an old VAC ban, they leave the tournaments they are currently playing. DETONA is smart. Be like DETONA.
  • Go off, King.
  • Although he should mail this thread off to "csgoteamfeedback at valvesoftware dot com" because "everything gets read".
  • Here's a tip: don't play Nuke, it sucks. There, free of charge.
April 25, 2021

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