Feel the heat

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • But don't forget to move your feet...
  • We know we already talked about it, but if you want a good read about the FaZe crypto debacle - then peep this. Last time we talk about it, promised.
  • You know that thing that happens to your eyes when you spend to much time in the snow? Yeah, does that exist for green?
  • Damn, we love looking at players crossing their arms in an empty room.
  • Wait, there's more? We just can't get enough!
  • Save the date boys and girls. We like to say "STD" instead but we've been told it's "bad for our image". Whatevs.
  • An inside look on OG valde. Who doesn't want to see that?
  • If only it helped you against NiP...
  • Conclusion: it's tight.
July 8, 2021

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