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Elliott Griffiths
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Rise up, Stan-jis. Your man needs your support.

It's impossible not to feel a little sorry for SANJI, who a few days before the Major has been cut by Virtus.pro with FL1T taking his spot; with his debut being the first game of the Major, which is against BIG, right?

Err, no.

Due to the lineup change messing with the seeding, VP have now dodged BIG and gotten themselves a start against paiN. Which is... not great optics for PGL, whose match-up system was clearly abusable by making a roster move to change your opponent.

Which does sound bad, but realistically, if you're making a roster move in order to dodge BIG in round one (knowing full well you could play them later on), then you probably have bigger issues.

We're supposed to believe that VP only picked up FL1T - an excellent player - to change their round one match-up, four days before the Major with zero practice? Of course not, and in fact OverDrive reported that the move might be on well before the match-ups were announced.

While the move looks kinda sketchy, it sort of makes sense. FL1T is a gifted player who has been on a tear for forZe, and is an obvious firepower upgrade over SANJI; but SANJI is well known as the 'ultimate support player', a guy who sacrifices his own face for the benefit of JAME, mostly, dropping him a lot of AWPs.

It's a brave move, but one that is a reasonable gamble should you want to become the best in the world.

Feeling real Sadge for SANJI, though. He doesn't deserve this PepeHands.

October 24, 2021

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