Gijs Verhoeff
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🔥 Feel the heat

  • blameF abosutely believes Astralis can win the Major. He didn’t say it outright, but he said they could beat every team there - so that amounts to the same thing.
  • That’s one blazing hot roster you got there, Team SAMPI...
  • What a burn. Calling floppy a bum. Hot. Damn. Well, random person on the internet, floppy may be a bum, but at least he’s a nice bum.

📉 Bad business

🔜 On the move

  • Must be nice being EG and knowing your IGL is actively looking for a way out. Not like it matters much though, the team’s already dead.
  • We honestly don’t really know who these Latvian players are, but if they’re as good as broky... We’re excited.
  • Maybe OG will know what roster move to make to pull out of their performance nosedive after reading this article? They should take all the help they can get.
May 1, 2022

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