Flash Gordon?

Gijs Verhoeff
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💨 Faster than his shadow

  • Nah, Flash m0nesy. If you’re interested in his backstory, ESL has got you covered.
  • Don’t think his new nickname is appropriate? We have totally legit stats to back it up.

🇺🇦💪 Ukraine stronk

  • We hope you get to go back to your industry soon, zerogravity.
  • The next m0nesy, the Ukrainian w0nderful, just became a free agent. Get him before he’s gone!

🤨 Things we’d rather not see

  • Both of those situations are bad, Cooper...
  • See Harry this is why we don’t play Mirage. We’d be too intimidated to win.
  • Brollan, why do you not realise that going international is the future? It’s not like international teams always choke on the big stage...

👀 Things we do want to see (or hear)

  • That’s one helluva jersey you got there Vitality.
  • It’s not really CS related, but did you know Discord created free chat so they could sell games to their users, to compete with Steam, Origin etc. Didn’t really work out. More like this on their origin story podcast.
March 17, 2022

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