Flashpoint 3 Closed Qualifier set to start

Gijs Verhoeff
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All places filled. Sixteen teams, set to fight one thing and one thing only. A chance at some points for a Major that will probably get delayed again.

Cynicism aside, with Complexity, mousesports, Sprout, and Endpoint just being a few of the headline teams for the closed qualifier for this season of Flashpoint, it's hard not to expect some good Counter-Strike.

Upset loaded and underdog branded EU teams galore, all with a thirst for rounds bigger than the next. Add to that CoL, mouz, and ENCE, who are trying to get back on their feet, and the task of predicting who will win the event is impossible.

Fact of the matter is that there are only five spots for Flashpoint 3 available. And Flashpoint 3 is an RMR event. That is one valuable ticket, if you can get it. The betting sites odds are going to break if this goes any further.

Although breaking betting sites would be pretty funny, and we'd love to keep going - with as many bad jokes as we might have been able to stick in here - there's not much else to do except to wait for the games to start. So set your reminders, clear your calendar, and grab your popcorn, because it's going to get toasty.

April 25, 2021

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