FLASHPOINT goes after CSPPA for breach of contract

Elliott Griffiths
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Bear with us, this is messy.

FLASHPOINT are unhappy with the CSPPA - which, as you might remember, is the player's union. Apparently, the league lost out on a monitor sponsor due to the CSPPA's 'unresponsiveness', after FLASHPOINT agreed a deal to let players test monitors before committing to the deal, and got no response from the CSPPA.

They also complained that the player's association stopped them having any mechanism for fining players for being late, due to complaints, and that the CSPPA have done nothing to create a new ranking system (apparently players don't like the HLTV one, because they have to play games to get ranked. The horror.)

The most egregious complaint is that FLASHPOINT accuse CSPPA as acting as agents for players and the Conflict of Interest wherein is an ethical concern, and end up calling out the CSPPA for a lack of transparency.

Apparently, this agent work caused the FunPlus Phoenix deal to fall through, as players ended up asking for more money - something which Heroic CEO Erik Askered seems to comply with - so it's no surprise that FLASHPOINT are withholding a payment, as they feel cheated.

The CSPPA deny all claims, and believe that by law, FLASHPOINT missing the payment is the real problem. Which is probably technically correct - the best kind of correct.

What do we think? Absolutely no idea. FLASHPOINT seem rightfully angry IF what they claim is true,  but unfortunately unless you can prove all of that (and even then, potentially) you cannot withhold payments.

Oh, and it seems like there was more going on than just minor agent work. We've ragged on FLASHPOINT a lot, but they do seem to be a little hard done by, here...

OwO, what's this? While FLASHPOINT's letter was well written, it's always good to get both sides and... would you look at that. CSPPA reckon they had absolutely no agreement to do any of the things they were accused of not doing. lurppis disagrees, suggesting they asked to help test the monitors... but they had no requirement to.

They just straight up said 'we had no obligation to do that' like seven times. Hilarious stuff.

It's totally possible they're just fronting, but the CSPPA do kind of sound like they have FLASHPOINT in a legal headlock. The $165,000 payment will be just the noogie on top.

July 2, 2020

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