Flashpoint inching towards Season 1 closure

Elliott Griffiths
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Honestly, we thought FLASHPOINT was another one of those online tournaments that North (yes, they still exist) would just lose to some team you barely know in. But apparently it's a whole league and it's still going. Who knew?

The old NiP players didn't magically become good again, as Dignitas soiled the sheets and finished in the bottom three. We guess incontinence is a real problem for old people.

Envy looked pretty awful, and c0ntact saw their investment flushed away as they joined Dignitas in the bottom three positions. Bad News Bears under the name FunPlus Phoenix did better than expected, joining Chaos in 7-8th.

The top four teams going into the upperbracket semifinals (double elimination, so it's mainly a seeding thing) were HAVU, MIBR, Cloud9 and MAD Lions. No wonder Thorin is calling the teams in his tournament tier two, and no wonder they think they don't need to practice to win.

MIBR beat Orgless to get there. Orgless.

MAD Lions have looked like the best team in FLASHPOINT all tournament long and are now on a 15-0 map win-streak after besting Cloud9 2-0. No we're not exaggerating, they're just the only T1 team there.

Cloud9 and Gen.G are in the lower bracket finals, with the whole thing climaxing next weekend, just like Thorin when he gets one over on a HLTV journalist.

April 12, 2020

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