Flashpoint is comeback territory

Gijs Verhoeff
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Even though real life is pretty hostile to Polar Bears, the Counter-Strike playing ones from the CIS region seem to be pretty comfortable. See, climate change isn't real.

You know life is good in the Russian speaking side when even SANJI - Jame's personal weapons cache - has an HLTV rating above 1.0 in the last three months. They've placed themselves comfortably in the Grand Final of Group C, and they aren't looking like they're stopping any time soon.

But who cares about Russian Bears, a German one is way more rare - especially one that's not tame and is permanently stuck in tier three of professional CS:GO. Well, this one might not be so special after all, because to get to their group' Grand Final, all they had to do was beat forZe - okay, medium size opponent, we'll admit - and MIBR, who are either a suprise factor or a complete failure, we haven't decided yet.

But maybe only one animal can win this rumble in the jungle, after all, lions are the king of the jungle. MAD Lions are set to face Fnatic in the Grand Final of Group A. Their refrezhed roster seems to be doing very well, sporting similar ratings to Virtus Pro, and as the other two teams we mentioned above - they also stand undefeated in the group stage.

A final fun fact to mention is that, if Gen.G win the consolidation final against OG in Group C, then all the Grand Finals will be re-do's of earlier matches in the groups. How interesting.

November 19, 2020

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