Flashpoint's time trap

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Dignitas

We're convinced Flashpoint 2 exists in its own pane of existence, trapped in time somewhere.

Hopefully it is, so we can see peak f0rest take on peak flusha, JW and KRiMZ in the lower bracket of Group A. Yes, we know you just checked the date, and yes, it is 2020. And yes, f0rest and friberg are playing against fnatic. Hell f... yeah.

Also, somehow, MAD Lions have once again shown up at Flashpoint. They just have a Flashpoint buff, we think. They consigned fnatic to a old-school showdown by taking them down in the upper bracket final, and we're not really sure how.

We must be in a time loop, as some people thought Envy vs MIBR was a 'banger match'.

It wasn't, really. kNgV- absolutely smashed them to pieces to set up MIBR vs forZe*: the battle of the cheating coaches - but at least MIBR don't still hire one.

Oh, and Group C is hilarious.

Remember when HenryG said that they were aiming to win the trophy, and time won't be an excuse? Well... he might just regret that.

Win the trophy? You couldn't even win a map, mate. We told you that they lost their first game to Virtus.pro (time has stopped, etc.) but they also managed to lose 2-0 to OG. Maybe $2m on es3tag because of a good month on Astralis might have been a bit rash.

Not as rash as our judgment will look in 2 months when C9 are HLTV #1, though.

November 15, 2020

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