Fnatic are… good?

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Illustration by NovaH. Source: ESL

Fnatic apparently has returned to not being bad, to the shock of most of us.

They opened Pro League with a glorious pair of 16-4 wins over NiP, despite the fact that the Ninjas had looked pretty okay coming out of Blast last week.

It probably didn’t help NiP that Hampus got 9 kills in 2 maps, while dying 37 times in 40 rounds. Nope, definitely didn’t help.

For Fnatic, it turns out all they needed was for the entire roster to have 1.25 or above ratings. Who knew that was the key to success all along!

Maybe Evil Geniuses should give that a try next, instead of signing another roster.

To be entirely fair, Fnatic did lose 1-2 to NaVi, though according to at least 5 forum posts on HLTV today s1mple is washed because he only got a 1.16 rating across the series.

Because of their crazy round differential on Wednesday (thanks again NIP) they’re still in third right now. NIP lost to Vitality, the non-NaVi undefeated team, on Thursday but they did get more rounds against them (22 total) than against Fnatic.

Fnatic is better than Vitality, you heard it here first folks!

fnatic will get their other difficult matchup, Vitality themselves, out of the way tomorrow and after that it should be pretty smooth sailing over the 0-2 Endpoint, whose only map win comes against fnatic’s final matchup, Spirit.

Maybe the roster rework was exactly what they needed.

September 1, 2022

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