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Harry Richards
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Illustration by ANDYJ. Source: FNATIC


It’s a tag that should send shivers down your spines. A tag so enshrined in CS history, one so iconic and so legendary that everyone, even the zoomers, know how special it is.

And, you know what? We’ll admit it. We’re one of those zoomers. We weren’t around for Source, let alone 1.6.

But there is still something so magical about f0rest in a fnatic jersey. There’s just an aura around the Swede, something that tells you that this is special.

It happened in 2022 at Pinnacle Cup and we’re getting to see f0rest deck out the black-and-orange once again in 2023, this time at IEM Dallas standing in for KRIMZ.

Whether KRIMZ comes back as is publicly planned or fnatic opt for a roster change after a disastrous Major cycle, f0rest is unlikely to be a permanent addition.

We’ve even heard rumours that they’ve trialled a few players, though it’s hard to know who is being replaced at the moment. A lot is still up in the air.

If anything, though, that it is so fleeting just makes this moment even more worthy of savouring.

fnatic can go out in last; as long as see f0rest bang a few heads, we’ll sleep well that night.

May 26, 2023

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