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Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by ANDYJ.  Source: The Simpsons (again andy?)

A lot has happened today, so bear with us.

Four teams you’d expect went 2-0 to kick off the RMRs, with NAVI, FaZe, fnatic, and B8 all picking up two wins on day one.

Wait. What?

fnatic went 2-0?

Yeah, believe it. They took down Viperio in overtime, a mightily impressive result, and 1WIN in regulation. We felt awful for poor Girafffe, who dropped 43 kills and was let down pretty horribly by his teammates, one of whom collected just 12 kills.

Oh, and B8. We suppose that was surprising as well. Not least because they were given a weak seed and had to beat both MOUZ and Virtus.pro to do so. We think they mightn’t get Ancient too much more, this event.

FaZe coasted past OG and stood tall against Apeks to put themselves one game from the next stage, while NAVI took down Into The Breach in double OT (best not to ask. Opening game NAVI are an odd team) and smacked Falcons.

Leaving FaZe vs NAVI as a BO3 game today. Mmmmmmm.

OG bounced back from the 10-16 loss to FaZe to… lose 9-16 to GamerLegion. Eesh. They’re joined by Sprout, SAW, and Viperio in the 0-2 bracket. Sprout lost to Falcons and then got battered by Into The Breach, who had CYPHER to thank for a superb performance.

Turns out UK CS isn’t that bad. It’s at least better than… checks notes… Romanian CS.

Viperio got clapped by Bad News Eagles after their close loss to fnatic, while SAW failed to take revenge on VP and then lost to MOUZ. They have OG in an elimination game tomorrow.

Everyone else is 1-1. Obviously. We’re sure you figured that out, but you know, just for the Americans.

The next set of games can be found here - or just rawdog it and open up the stream, and allow yourself to be surprised. We find life is fun that way.

April 6, 2023

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