fnatic's coming home

Elliott Griffiths
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Did you guys know fnatic is a British org?

Weird that they left out the 'a' in fanatic, and not the 't', really.

Rumours, and by rumours we mean an article from neL, suggest they might be going back to their roots and picking up mezii and ALEX to replace JW and Golden. Now, all they need is woxic, es3tag and floppy, and maybe they can be a coloss... a waste of time and money.

Oops, did we say that out loud?

Oh, yeah, JW has been benched. Shed a tear, remember the good times, and quietly pump your fists. We might get to see a fnatic team that isn't totally horrible again. It's not popular to say it, but JW HAD to go, for his own career and for fnatic.

The old man can always find refuge on Dignitas, or replace olofmeister on FaZe. Much like olof, he used to be an absolute monster, and now at the ripe old age of...


JW is only 26??

The Wonderchild can reinvigorate Dignitas with his fresh new ideas, boyish charm and youthful energy.

Anyway, aizyesque is confused how to feel. On one hand, he has a new 'home' team. On the other, the previous rumours suggested MSL and maybe one more North player might have made their way there, and he still misses North.

MSL, it seems, is still yet to find a good home.

July 25, 2021

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