Fnatic’s RMR Woes

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Is it possible to win and lose at the same time? Well, Fnatic would certainly argue it is.

They finally succeeded in the Road to the Major on Sunday, beating Fate in the quarterfinals in order to guarantee their spot. But the win was anything but convincing despite the fact that Fate was missing one of their best players.

It took 29 or 30 rounds on all three maps for Fnatic to claim the 2-1 victory, and it often looked like the #16 team in the world was going to lose to the #141,

Fnatic and their two substitutes did, in the end, succeed although calling it a “win” might be kind. They went on to claim second in the RMR Open qualifier 4, with a 16-13 loss in the finals to GamerLegion.

Sangal, the #175th best team in the world according to HLTV, managed to qualify as well. They claimed a bo3 win on Sunday against #47 Tricked, completing the upset that Fate couldn’t manage and qualifying.

EternalFire completed the top four, with a pretty dominant 2-0 victory over Anonymo that included a 16-2 on the first map.

Anonymo, however, refused to die and went on to claim victory in the four-team fifth place decider, beating Fate in overtime and then pretty dominantly taking down Tricked to complete the top five.

Fnatic finally qualifying, with two subs, should come as a relief. The problem for the team is that their victory comes as a hollow reminder of how far the team has slid. Hopefully, this is the lowest this team goes and not the highest.

March 6, 2022

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