“Forgot to book plane tickets” yeah sure

Gijs Verhoeff
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Time for a change

  • device, you have four majors already. That’s plenty; leave some for the rest.
  • Who knew all you had to do for your favourite team to win an event was to ask the TO to let them win? It’s that easy.

🎉 So excited

  • See, you might think ZywOo, cadiaN, and jabbi are just dancing to the music here - but no! They just got our newsletter in their inbox.
  • We’ve been told we need to be hyped af for this kid Joel. Will do bossman.

↘️ Downfall

  • We might just show up to Astralis’ downfall better dressed than at our own wedding.
  • For some of us, that statement is a little more literal than for others.
April 27, 2023

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