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Elliott Griffiths
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  • Man, maybe the team who signed ZoneR isn't all that moral.
  • Envy owner hastr0 was giving it large on Twitter about winning, despite his team doing the opposite of that for the last few years (he did promise to improve that, though). Thankfully, G2 Carlos dealt with him in... typical Carlos fashion.
  • Counter-Strike's smoothest voice leads us through what makes jks so damn good.
  • Team Liquid had some Halloween fun - well, 'fun', in recalling what scares them.
  • In order to kill ZywOo, you have to take some drastic measures.
  • The MDL season will all be played online.
  • Neymar is old news - Casemiro has become the latest Brazilian footballer to enter esports with Caseesports. And he has an actual CSGO team.

  • The wonderfully named 'blocker' has stepped down from FATE.
November 1, 2020

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