Free the npl, free the NiP

Elliott Griffiths
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somedieyoung, some overstay their welcome and leave quietly before being replaced by an academy player.

Alright, that was uncalled for. sdy has been largely serviceable for NaVi, but always felt like a stopgap — that said, it doesn’t entirely feel like his replacement is ‘the guy’ for NaVi, either.

Perhaps he doesn’t need to be.

npl - who we insist on calling ‘nipple’, even if he changed it - will be moving into sdy’s temporary accommodation and taking his spots. All the bad ones, of course.

We’re not sure this is the move that brings NaVi back to their former glory, but we’re also not sure what move would be. The thing stopping NaVi from trampling everyone isn’t the fifth player, it’s s1mple, b1t, and electronic finding top form again.

In the meantime, it seems that headtr1ck to NIP is all but confirmed. If Luis Mira says it, it’s happening. The teenager has been everyone’s “””bold””” prediction in the HLTV Top 20 (very little imagination among the best players in the world), and will now get a chance to prove all of those brave souls right, or indeed, wrong.

He’ll have to do it without the analysis of THREAT, who has left NIP to pursue actual coaching opportunities instead of analysing ones. We’re not really in a position to criticise, but… NIP did get a lot better on the T side as soon as he stopped coaching.

For sdy, who knows where he will land next? We hear Boombl4 is looking for players…

January 5, 2023

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