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🇺🇦 Natus Unsure

  • It’s become a bit of a game to figure out what options NAVI have. They aren’t getting anyone who’s living in Russia, that’s for sure though. As confirmed by HarisPilton, their CEO. What a nickname.
  • One person who’s definitely not joining NAVI is YEKINDAR, as confirmed by NAVI’s COO.

😐 An unforgiving sport

  • As one team f-d up, the other FaZe’d up. Not only is this a nice documentary of FaZe’s Major win, our particular timestamp shows Cloud9 making their mistake in the veto.
  • We wonder why such a respected member of the community left the CSPPA for no apparent reason… The tea needs spilling, SirScoots!
  • Not only CSGO is unforgiving, so is the-game-that-shall-not-be-named. Watch all the orgs come running back once the money stops flowing…
  • Why is Copenhagen Flames suddenly dropping out of a tournament? Is it maybe because they have no roster? Join us next time on “Questions You Already Know The Answer To” to find out!

📈 Alternative improvement methods

  • Ever wondered how you can justify pressing W and dying every round? Just become an IGL! Trust us, we read an article about it.
  • We grew out our hair to test if this is how m0nesy got so good. End result: no, it’s definitely not.
  • BLAST is back again for their Premier Spring Final, and get excited because it’ll definitely be the first showing for a lot of post-major shuffled up rosters.
June 2, 2022

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