FURIA and BIG take DH Masters titles

Gijs Verhoeff
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Despite electronic's best efforts, NaVi we're unable to shut down FPL academy team FaZe Clan in the lower bracket semifinal of DH Masters, as FaZe 2-0'd the CIS team - winning both maps 16-11. So FaZe do know how to win with a 15-11 lead... The victory was not long lived however, as their next match saw them facing and eventually losing to BIG. How BIG managed to 2-0 FaZe in 2020? Because syrsoN, that's why. This put BIG in the first Tier 1 final ever since ESL One Cologne 2018. You read that right, 2018.

Remember how we said there was no way for G2 to get 3-0'd in this one? Remember how we said that life finds a way? Well, we were wrong and right at the same time. Things started off well for G2, as they won the first map, putting them at match point. They then proceeded to lose all three of the following maps, putting the final score at 3-2 in favour of BIG. We guess old habits just die hard, and Bruce Willis won't star in this one. As a fun side story BIG needed to exactly win DH Masters to qualify for ESL One Cologne.

In North America, the scene was set for 100Thieves to finally take the last step and claim a title. But despite heroics from jks in the upper bracket final versus FURIA, and a close first map vs Team Liquid in the lower bracket final, they couldn't even steal a playoff-victory. Instead Liquid demolished the entire lower bracket field, by 2-0'ing Gen.G, Cloud9 and 100T in quick succession.

With momentum like that, you'd think that Team Liquid would plow through FURIA in the Grand Final, but unlike G2, FURIA knows how to press and advantage and kill of a wounded prey. Being one map up because they came from upper bracket, FURIA simply never let their foot off the speeder. 16-12 on Mirage and then outclassing the Americans on Vertigo, not least due to yuurih being absolute insane, meant that they take home the title and $40,000.

June 14, 2020

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