FURIA bring the car-nage (and go out last)

Elliott Griffiths
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We're going to go out on a limb and suggest that going out last is nearly always a bad thing. Unless you're playing Russian Roulette.

Russian Roulette is not too dissimilar to what it must be like playing, or indeed, supporting FURIA. In fact, without the anchor of an AWP who wants to do such heinous acts as 'staying alive' and 'trying to win clutches', FURIA were free to fly down mid and go out immediately, but with a bang.

With junior out of the picture for this tournament (we're not sure anyone has actually said why?), the sixth man honda was in. And with arT promising that honda would be 'arT 2.0' hopes were high.

And honestly? honda is pretty good. We mean the guy pulled off one of the most outrageous aces we've seen this year. Wait, this... ah you get the point. It was one of three aces he got in his first game against tier one opposition. Three aces on his debut. Maybe an 'I was there' moment...

Alright, they went out, lost both games, yadda yadda. Not important. honda looks good, and FURIA are still just as mad in 2021 as they were in 2020.

Anyway, important stuff.

s1mple lost a map that he went 36-17 in. We were going to do a whole thing about FalleN's debut, how he looked and whether Liquid were the best team in the world yet. There's time for that, but HOLY GOD WHAT IS THIS SHOT FROM S1MPLE?

How on earth do you even let this guy lose the map and the series 2-0 and look him in the eye afterwards, man? We're embarrassed to have to write about it and we're a newsletter.

He must be getting sick of coming second, at this point. Wait, spoiler...

ZywOo went 29-14 in a map win (that's how you do it, NaVi), while (sigh) Astralis beat Evil Geniuses. We really thought for a second that a new year would mean a new start.

NaVi at least managed to beat Complexity playing with JUGi, which is more relief than joy, while Astralis just about snuck past G2. The last game of yesterday was Vitality v Liquid, and you can find the result here - as we're off beauty-sleeping while this game finishes!

January 21, 2021

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