G2 are doing everything right

Elliott Griffiths
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Source: G2 Illustration by NovaH.

Do you remember, like, two weeks ago, when we wrote about what was wrong with G2?

Turns out our article was way too long. It should have just answered 'absolutely nothing'.

NiKo and co move into the playoffs at PGL Stockholm in three games after dusting off Entropiq in two, making us - and loads of other people - looking a bit silly.

While their run wasn't that hard, it was probably trickier than it seemed on paper. Copenhagen Flames have been roasting everyone else, and FaZe look kinda scary. Entropiq beat both Heroic and Astralis, albeit in BO1s.

Turns out the return to LAN has done them a world of good. Maybe it's just being together, maybe it's experience, maybe it's a playstyle thing; but whatever it is, this G2 team is absolutely set to lose in the semi-finals.

The big step-up has been AmaNEk, who has gone from passable to excellent at the Major, and gives G2 a triple threat instead of like, one and a half. huNter- is back to being a threat, but we all knew that anyway.

NiKo, though. Wow. It's not exactly surprising that he's a monster again, but it's nice to watch. He's about two maps away from doing one of those one tap 4k clips he always seems to do, so if anything, it's a real shame he's already through.

Are... are G2 a contender to win the Major? Probably, right?

It's so weird to say given what came before this event, but we think they might be in with a shot. Who else, other than NaVi and Gambit, is better?

October 31, 2021

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