G2 are the third-best team of all time. Kind of

Harry Richards
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Source: NiKo

G2 are an interesting case study. Just a few months ago, they sat at home like the rest of us as Outsiders won the Major. Coach XTQZZZ left, in what appeared to be a leap off of a sinking ship.

But something clicked at BLAST World Final. G2’s victory there heralded the start of a 17-0 LAN win streak, the third-best of all time. It’s more maps in a row than 2018-19 Astralis managed, more than 2015 fnatic, and beaten only by NIP’s 87-0 against farmers in 2012 and NAVI’s pre-war 19-0 run at the end of 2021.

They even had time to film the best skit of all time, while m0NESY went 13-0 against s1mple in their last match of the group stage. If that doesn’t make them the third-best team of all time, what does?

A grand slam? Qualifying for a Major? A truly prestige trophy?

Yeah, okay. We’ll calm down. G2 still have a way to go — even if 77% of Pickstop users think they’re going to win IEM Katowice at a canter.

It’s like they’ve won the event already, such is the community reaction to their 17-0 streak.

Unfortunately for them, they haven’t yet. Heroic prowl as the #2 team, yet to face G2 since their own victory at BLAST Fall Finals and with jabbi in career-best form.

Vitality and ZywOo have finally made it to Spodek after going out in groups in their last three attempts. And, the air quality in Katowice is looking good for the weekend so you can’t count them out either.

Liquid beat FaZe, with YEKINDAR finally returning to some semblance of form. Outsiders ruin a party like no other. NAVI still have s1mple, electroNic, b1t, and Perfecto.

This playoffs is STACKED. It’s 6 of the best 7 teams in the world, with only FaZe missing out.

If G2 continue their streak, it will have to be against the very best teams in the world and on one of Counter-Strike’s biggest stages.

But… if they do, the parity era will be broken. NiKo will have revenge for his three 2nd placed finishes in Katowice. HooXi will be free from the echoes of “How about today, dickhead” that go round and round in his head.

They’re so close to greatness they can touch it — but the last few yards are always the hardest. The parity era didn’t hear no bell.

February 9, 2023

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