G2 crowned biggest onliners

Gijs Verhoeff
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Data source: HLTV.org

And the best team of the world is... G2? HLTV has come out with their latest ranking, in which G2 Esports have found their place at the top. We must admit it's not the most solid number one in the world, but hey, maths never was our best subject anyways.

Along with G2's rise come FaZe and FURIA, who have jumped to spot number three and four respectively. All this movement is at the expense of Astralis, who are now dangerously close to burning out of the top five.

In the online-only environment another notable change has happened, this time in the top ten. With their recent win over G2 at the DreamHack Masters Spring EU, BIG have jumped sixteen spots, coming in at eight place. All we can say is, don't pull a 2018 Cloud9 and fail to follow up on your achievements, BIG.

BIG's BIG jump - we're sorry, we just had to - starts to make a little more sense when you start looking at some interesting statistics Lukas from RushB Media brought up on Twitter. BIG have a 69.5% winning record in 2020, with 91 matches won and 40 lost. This puts them at the top of the improvised "winning record ranking of 2020". BIG fans can now say they're the best in the world at something, yay.

One final interesting note about these statistics is that none of the team in HLTV's top five appear in the top five of the winning record ranking, except for FURIA. Respeito FURIA.

June 18, 2020

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