G2 cruise into the final

Elliott Griffiths
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m0nesy from g2 esports

Source: ESL

...except NiKo wasn’t really anywhere to be seen.

huNter and m0NESY were the stand-outs for G2 in the playoffs. m0NESY came out swinging on his first game under the lights, dropping 45 on his first map. It was a 47 rounder - but what else could you expect from a game against Virtus.pro?

That’s how you announce yourself to the Spodek, and the wider Counter-Strike world.

The kid has now been nicknamed The Flash, because of how absurdly quick his reactions and his flicks are - and we’ll show you another special one in a second.

First off, we need to mention huNter again - so often memed as ‘NiKo’s cousin’, it’s time we put some serious respect on his name. m0NESY was flashy but raw, NiKo too often invisible on the stage; while huNter was a consistent superstar for G2.

He led the charge on Ancient, as G2 clapped some VP cheeks - G2 got their own little 16-5. He was, though, quieter on Inferno against NAVI - but was the best player on the server on Mirage.

Though, m0NESY might have a little word to say about that bad boy. We don’t care if you don’t click any links normally, you HAVE to watch it. If you’ve seen it before, watch it again.

The kid is f’ing dynamite. That’s b1t, electronic and s1mple he 1v3s in that clip, by the way. It’s a testament to how lights out huNter was, that m0NESY wasn’t as good as him in that map.

Now, a BO5 stood between G2 and glory. Where have we heard that one before?

February 27, 2022

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