G2 fall far too early

Elliott Griffiths
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What makes a team great?

While there are many arguments as to what makes a team great, the best answer is that they win. When the pressure is on, they perform. And they win the games that matter.

If that answer is true, then it’s fair to say G2 and NAVI are not great - amongst many others that didn’t make it out of the Legends Stage. While failing isn’t exactly unfamiliar to G2, the shame of a Legends State exit is a new feeling for NAVI.

G2 dropped to an 0-2 score - which many will handwave away by reminding us that is was BO1. Those people will fail to mention that an 0-2 scoreline means they likely would’ve lost a BO3 against any decent team, and then be shocked at the fact that they lost a BO3 to fnatic.

The same fnatic who got smacked by Into the Breach - a literal, genuine UK team. No, seriously.

For NAVI, they did perfectly fine in the BO1s, but got absolutely slapped by Monte and former teammate sdy in the BO3s - again, genuinely - and fell to FaZe in a BO3.

As you might have guessed by now, it didn’t go well.

Despite a dominant showing for 80% of the series, it was a comeback from FaZe which sealed the deal 2-1. FaZe have made a name for themselves as comeback kings.


G2, meanwhile, had no such excuse. They were dumped out unceremoniously by a fnatic team who got un-ironically spanked by a UK team. We know we’ve mentioned that previously, but we still can’t believe it.

ENCE, meanwhile, were so bad they barely made it onto the list.

Paris is incredible, by the way. The Croque Monsieurs and Duck a l’Oranges have been so good we’ve started to hate the French less.

The emotion shown when G2 lost almost made us feel bad for them, while interviews with CYPHER and Thomas almost made us support a UK team.

At least, until…

May 19, 2023

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