G2 on shopping spree

Elliott Griffiths
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Oh, you thought spending $600,000 on a teenager was enough money for one off-season?

Think again. Carlos has been busy with not signing players, apparently, and yet he's been working in the shadows to bring in Aleksib to lead his new team.

We give it six months before NiKo is IGLing.

Look, we've made it pretty clear what our thoughts on OG are for the last few months - perennial underwhelmers, the Tottenham Hotspur of Counter-Strike - but Aleksib's reputation somehow remains in tact, and he's going to move upwards once more.

Maybe this is the team that he finally needs to win everything - maybe he's just Pep Guardiola and once he has a superteam he's going to change the world; anything other than winning multiple events is failure with this team.

One team whose superteam vision isn't coming to fruition is Team Liquid - though holding on to NAF certainly makes their prospects a little brighter. With rumours of shox and VINI coming in, having some firepower around those two is absolutely necessary.

It's not that shox and VINI are bad fraggers... it's that shox is a bad fragger, actually. Never mind.

Thankfully, they're listening, and are moving in for oSee, to the surprise of absolutely nobody. He's quality, but we need to wait and see how he makes the step up to the highest level. Anything that potentially stops shox AWPing, we're on board with.

Elsewhere, Fiend have transfer-listed both bubble and dreamer (quite who is going to buy them is unclear) and Jackinho has officially departed fnatic (a similar story, though at least he is free).

December 2, 2021

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