G2 suffer a NiKo relapse

Harry Richards
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Illustration by NovaH Source: ESL

Carlos has done a Carlos. He lies as easily as we breathe. And roast G2.

After tweeting a convincing “no” in response to the Blix.gg report, Aleksib took it upon himself to announce he’s been “allowed by G2 to explore my options.”

Seriously, what’s up with NiKo? This guy gets through IGLs faster than we get through tubes of Pringles.

Gob b, karrigan, NEO, nexa, and now Aleksib have all felt CS:GO’s on-paper best rifler’s wrath, all falling short of the standard NiKo requires to keep his respect.

That’s how it seems, anyway — even after all these years, it’s still harsh to pin 100% of the blame on NiKo for his teams underperforming. Buuuuuut, that’s kind of our brand. So fuck him.

But we’re not just here to moan; here’s a solution: Keep Aleksib and JACKZ. YEKINDAR in, NiKo out, who’s arsed?

Sadly, that’ll never happen. Instead, G2 are doubling down and — reportedly — cutting both supportive elements of their team, throwing JACKZ into the mass grave as well.

This is a chalice so poisoned a Red Witch from Game of Thrones would be nervous. So who can they even get?

gla1ve is probably locked down forever, tabseN the same. Snappi, if Spinx leaves, might be convinced.

And, if you can get his right-hand man Maden in too, like Nohte suggests, you might get a team that at least win tournaments before NiKo gets tired of being told what to do.

It’s a clusterfuck; G2 haven’t even commented on the Aleksib situation and a birdie has told us there’s still a world where he plays for G2 next season.

G2 don’t know what they want, and NiKo definitely doesn’t know what he wants. This is the time you want XTQZZZ to take charge, but Blix thought he was out of the door with Aleksi, so his authority can’t be 100% either.

All we know is they need to get it sorted soon; huNter-, NiKo, and m0NESY are a core that should be challenging NAVI and FaZe.

July 22, 2022

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