G2 to splash cash on NiKo

Gijs Verhoeff
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Hi guys, this is napz from TLDR and welcome to episode 46920 of "we make another GTA IV bowling joke"!

We won't stop. Not until these two are in a team together.

Despite G2's CEO denied it, it does seem like the deal will be going through. Although Carlos did write niko instead of NiKo, so he might have been sleight-of-handing us with the Danish player.

In that case his statement is technically the truth, but that doesn't reduce our annoyance. Or maybe he changed his mind after they lost a 11-12th place decider match against GODSENT. The team's in such a bad state, that the official G2 account doesn't even know how to meme their losses anymore.

Speaking of Danish players, will the NiKosts be higher than the es3pricetag? NiKo's transfer from Mousesports to FaZe amounted to an alleged $500K, which is a hard figure to beat. We don't really know, which is why we're asking the smartest people we know!

Alright, jokes aside, we might be looking at one of the biggest transfers in CS history. G2 and FaZe are both giants in esports, and NiKo is arguably at least in the top five, or ten, of best players in the game. Sure, es3tag's transfer was a big one, but if you compare the two, only one of them have won a majo... Oh wait.

With G2's leadership in the hands of nexa, and hopefully staying there - looking at you Nikola Kovač - the team seems to be looking for more firepower than they already had. This means the person to be closest to the chopping block, or in this case the guillotine, would be AmaNEk, as he boasts the lowest figures of the team.

Who knows, that might be a good thing. Maybe we'll see a AmaNEk-devoduvek reunion. Where does that guy play again? Oh, LDLC.

October 25, 2020

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