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Gijs Verhoeff
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  • We're glad to see Valve are spending their time wisely.
  • Maybe they should focus on adding this absolutely stunning skin to the game. Shame it's a Nova though, nobody will use it.
  • Cash Rules Everything Around Me, said Aleksey "Insane Wizard" Kostyliev. God we love the Wu-Tang name generator.
  • Stop messing with the simulation, aizyesque.
  • Emi's move to GODSENT seems to be as good as confirmed, as he will be standing in for the team in both BLAST Showdown and DH Masters Winter. Things are getting close to kRYSTAL clear...
  • Speaking of DH Masters Winter, we've got some spicy groups to look at again.
  • sergej has chosen real life CS over sinking deeper and deeper with ENCE. Understandable, to be fair.
  • FURIA has officially joined the Sixth Man Club. Sounds a tad less prestigious than the Mile High Club, we're not going to lie.
  • We must admit, this interview is pretty funny. North: "after four years of existence, we still need more 'know-how'" - Also North: "We are once again asking for your financial support". Talk about shooting yourself in the foot...
November 19, 2020

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