Genius plays from zews

Elliott Griffiths
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Who better to beat MIBR than the man who helped beat them?

zews found the gaps in the MIBR playbook - well, eventually - as EG 2-0'd MIBR. It wasn't entirely simple, though - it took over 60 rounds for the Americans to beat the South Americans, but they got it done eventually.

Some credit should go to tarik, though. If anyone knows how to make MIBR lose, it's him.

Interestingly it was these two in the final beating out FURIA and Liquid, who had just been to the final at DreamHack Masters. Turns out online play is inconsistent. Who knew?

That was despite HEN1 putting up another stupendous performance throughout the tournament, with fer and yuurih as 2nd and 3rd. fer didn't show up at all in the final, which is a large reason why MIBR fell at the final hurdle - but Brazilians can take heart from the fact they had the top three. Vamos!

June 21, 2020

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