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If you’re like us here at TLDR, you’ve come out the loser of many a reaction-duel in CS:GO. We simply are too slow in-game (haters will claim that’s a general issue we have).

So when we found, we became very energized.

Advanced’s energy supplements are sugar free and their caffeine is from green tea mixed with L-Theanine - which means your energy levels won’t crash and burn.

Oh and did we mention that the ingredients are clinically proven to increase reaction time and executive function?

If you want a taste before you take the plunge, try out their Energy Starter Kit at just $9.99.

Here’s why you should buy:

  • 🩺 Ingredients clinically proven to increase reaction time
  • ✅ Sugar free and diabetic- and keto-friendly formula
  • ☕ Caffeine from naturally sourced green tea with no fillers, which means no crash
July 10, 2022

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