gla1ve sits out Blast Premier Fall

Gijs Verhoeff
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What would you rather do: change diapers or play CS?

Apparently gla1ve likes the latter, as he will be going on paternity leave during Blast Premier Fall.

Ahead of BLAST Premier Fall, the Dane is set to be replaced by Xyp9x - long time no see - because he doesn't want to miss the birth of his first kid. Fair play, Lukas.

With Xyp9x not having played an official match in almost two months, one has to wonder what effect it will have on an Astralis team which is already struggling to regain their domination era form.

And just because gla1ve will be taking his new-born for a walk in the park, doesn't mean the competition at this event is one. Overcomplicated word play: check.

The Danes will be joined by EG, Liquid and Vitality in their group, which is essentially two of the best teams at EPL versus two of the worst. We'll leave the rest of the equation to you.

September 9, 2021

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