gla1ve stays... but at what cost?

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH Source: Astralis

When the announcement that you're staying with your team includes talking about your wife's pregnancy, it's easy to assume that you're staying for reasons that aren't exactly to do with competition.

So assume that, is exactly what we're going to do.

gla1ve has re-signed (that's signed again, not left) with Astralis for another three years, mentioning that the team are looking to improve further and that 'Astralis will leave marks on the Counter-Strike scene for years to come'.

Strange way of putting it. Leaving marks on something is like what you do when you hit them but not hard enough to really hurt them, which... actually, is a fitting metaphor.

And much nicer than the toilet bowl metaphor we otherwise considered.

He then talks about time and flexibility he will be afforded due to his significant other's pregnancy, which is a really important thing for him, a lovely thing for the org to do, and absolutely not what you want to hear as an Astralis fan. If he's staying so that he can take breaks...

The good thing if you're an Astralis fan, aside from the obvious, is that this might either convince the current players to stay, or at worse, convince a good standard of players to join if they do need to go out replacing.

es3tag is off the market now, so we'll at least see a new variation of Astralis and not that weird slightly-worse-than-the-original-and-not-particularly-interesting es3tag version.

July 25, 2021

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