God save the King

Jack Honeywell
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Illustration by NovaH

Remember that coronation last week? Us neither.

The real kings are a few lads on a team known as Into the Breach and trust me, they can swing a sword. This tale of honour first got our attention at the RMR, in which ITB beat reigning major champions Outsiders (now back as Virtus.pro) in a tight-fought 16-13 victory. Spearheading the assault was CYPHER, who has continued to put some crazy numbers up, leading the team through to the Legends stage of their first major! (Thanks to some Swiss system silliness.)

The true test of mettle would be the major itself - and the road wasn’t all smooth — suffering a first-round loss to EU underdogs Apeks. Next up in the 0-1 bracket was FaZe — who limped through the LCQ to even qualify for the major. Still, FaZe is FaZe, and a battered beast is, well, still a beast. Pointless analogy anyway, as the Brits — along with their Polish, Dutch, and maybe Romanian comrades (Volt mate, make up your mind) — metaphorically shit on their opponents, with only broky posting a positive rating.

In a bid to reach the 2-1 bracket and to be in contention for playoffs, the true EU superteam ENCE stood in their way. Until they picked Vertigo. Which, given ITB’s performance in Brazy Party, was not a dumb decision. They lost the map twice against paiN and 9INE — I wonder how those guys got on at the major.

This time it was CRUC1AL’s turn to lead the charge, and he did just that. Jousting his way through Snappi’s soldiers - he died only 9 times. Finishing the map with a 1.60 rating and a 16-7 scoreline, he set the knights up for their 2-1 tussle against Team Liquid today.

They say a knight is only as good as his horse (apparently), and Liquid looked lacklustre throughout the Challengers stage. Yet since galloping into the Legends, it’s been a different story, taking a loss only to favourites Heroic. Their jobs aren’t done yet, and they have two chances to advance. But maybe, just maybe, water won’t rust this armour.

May 15, 2023

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