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Elliott Griffiths
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The good news regarding the Major is that the players will be let into the country.

That's... quite a big step. Without players, it's hard for the games to be played. Nearly impossible since Valve took out the BOTs when someone has disconnected.

So, we're all good right? Major in Stockholm, North re-founding to win it, drinks thrown in the air, bring your friends, family, computer and pets and have a good time. Corona-what?

Not quite. That's a big step, but one small step for the Swedish Government is the start of a long journey for PGL*. And one in the hand is worth two in a bush, or something. We're mixing up our idioms.

Namely, we're not allowed in yet. Not us, specifically, but all of us. You guys, too. The fans aren't definitely allowed in yet, but on the 15th September we should get more info on those restrictions being lifted.

This is a huge, important step - but we're not in the clear yet. We wouldn't book our flights just yet if we were you, but don't cancel them if you've already got some. Somehow.

August 19, 2021

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