Got 45 minutes to spare?

Elliott Griffiths
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Do you like Counter-Strike?

If the answer to that was NOT "yes" or "no, I f***ing love it" you’ve probably signed up to the wrong email. Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy to have you, esteemed reader, but we’re not certain you’ll be as happy with us.

If you’ve got 45 minutes to spare, or you don’t mind half-watching while doing something else, then the Game and Glory documentary by ESL and BBC was released this week and it’s a wonderful watch that takes us behind the scenes at the Rio Major.

You know it’s good because we’ve basically written an advertisement for something that we didn’t have any involvement in.

Set aside an hour and pour yourself a beer. Or a gin and tonic. Or something less alcoholic, like a glass of lemonade or a Cuban cigar.

What are you waiting for?

January 26, 2023

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