Grim drops 59 in two maps vs FaZe, still loses

Harry Richards
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Before the s1mple Steam friends exploit, we got treated to some real, proper, Counter-Strike.

And, in somewhat of a not-surprise to those that watched the group stage, it was Complexity who provided the bangers. Most of us wrote COL off when they were drawn against FaZe, but nobody told Grim that.

Stewie2K’s old support act gave FaZe a lesson on Overpass, sporting 27 kills in a 16:9 win over the world’s best team. Grim didn’t slow down on Inferno, either, dropping 32 kills featuring an ace that even had NiKo impressed.

He had near single-handedly fired Complexity to a 12:7 lead over FaZe — the Americans were just four rounds away from a 2:0 win. And then, FaZe did what they always do when the pressure’s on. Level the fck up.

At 14:14, Twistzz popped up with an ace just as good as Grim’s, demolishing four players in as many seconds at the top of mid. That pretty much confirmed FaZe’s comeback, and Complexity ran out of steam on map three.

FaZe really are starting to have that 2015 FNATIC energy. They look so beatable, but once it’s the playoffs they are just allergic to losing.

Elsewhere in the round of 12, Liquid got past 2022 FNATIC, Outsiders won the turtle-and-hare derby against FURIA, and NAVI defeated Heroic but you knew that already

Now, in the quarters, it gets real exciting. Liquid made quick work of MOUZ as we wrote this newsletter, while we have C9-FaZe, G2-NAVI, and Vitality-Outsiders to come.

You can’t help think how hype it would be to have these games and, potentially, a FaZe grand slam in front of a crowd in Dallas or Odense instead of this mouldy (allegedly) hotel lobby in Malta.

Yet, it is what it is. This is still gonna pop off. We’ll see you on Monday, when FaZe could be $1,000,000 richer, HooXi could have broken s1mple, Spinx could have fixed ZywOo, or Cloud9 could have done a Dallas. Until then!

September 29, 2022

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