Guerri gerrymanders Group D

Harry Richards
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After that mess, we’re straight into the last group of Pro League, featuring Liquid, Gambit, FURIA, NiP, Entropiq and TeamOne.

Admittedly we’re going early on this one, but TeamOne are most at threat of joining the dreaded 0-5 gang, after the opening games left them 0-2.

We can’t believe we’re writing this, but Liquid look kinda good? FalleN and EliGE were unstoppable in a 2-0 against NiP and then they started well against Gambit, winning map 1.

Then... they lost map 2 in OT, before getting a 12-6 lead on map 3. And we all know what Liquid do when they have a big lead. Choke. At least you've got the YouTube, eh Jon?

Meanwhile, NiP responded to that Liquid drubbing to beat Entropiq 2-0. The real fun though, as always, has been FURIA.

We told you about them dropping honda (not Donda) earlier this week, but he was still pencilled in to have Pro League as his last event. Then, his mum caught COVID*.*

After FURIA were denied an emergency transfer, they were forced to use coach guerri as their 5th. And god, it’s been good.

As well as knifing Entropiq’s two best players, he ended up top-fragging on Overpass. He may have dropped off in the next series, but even DaZed wouldn’t have minded that.

And after 2-0ing TeamOne, **guerri might statistically be the 3rd worst player of the event, but in our hearts he is already better than any of G2’s players.

Group D standings:

September 2, 2021

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