Guilty until proven innocent

Gijs Verhoeff
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Imagine if some day you're just chilling, playing some Dust II Deathmatch with full volume and using shift, so you can top frag - because we all know that's what you guys do on your free time - and suddenly you get dragged out of your house, taken to court and sentenced to jail while the police investigates the murder next door.

The entire world would scream bloody murder (haha, word puns)!

We've always based our justice on gathering evidence, assessing the facts and the timeline, and then making a judgement. But that's hard when the investigators have their hands full with plenty of more cases.

Australian CS player Roflko, victim of the 35-player match fixing ban carried out by ESIC earlier this year, has come out on Twitter to show that it has been over 70 days since the ban, and yet no evidence has been presented to him as of yet.

That's a little over what it took Liquid to win the Intel Grand Slam... As a result, he's decided to quit - not even move to VALORANT.

But we also understand that ESIC has one hell of a task ahead of them. We understand you might want to get mad at them, but there's more to it than just this. ESIC is understaffed and overworked, and they're under a lot of pressure to make the right choices. Sounds like every teen after High School.

For all we know, the evidence is there, and Roflko is trying to work social media to make his judge, jury, and executioner look bad. Either way, it's best to stay on the side line for this one, and watch the show unfold. Put down your pitchforks people.

April 11, 2021

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