Hello Darkness my old friend

Phillip Rasmussen
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  • The mood wasn't good after Fnatic's match.
  • But maybe they were just looking for Brollan's lenses. Or whatever excuse he used when he whiffed this.
  • And as if that didn't hurt enough, olofmeister was quoted saying he could see himself play for NiP. It's not a good week if you're a Fnatic fan.
  • If you want things done, do it yourself. That was dirty though.
  • Or maybe not. If you want your salary, the employer should pay up. Right, Winstrike?
  • EXTREMUM has been extremely disappointing on the server, but they crank out amazing looking content. Like this Australian slang guide. Apparently everything isn't called "diggity" after all. Who knew...
May 16, 2021

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