Here are four reasons you shouldn't buy Copenhagen Flames

Phillip Rasmussen
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Let us make this clear from the beginning: Buying Copenhagen Flames could be a good idea. If you don't have a fireplace to burn them, that is.

You might already be up in arms, and that's completely fair, but hear us out, because we have four arguments why Copenhagen Flames are not worth their rumoured $750,000.

The first argument is that Copenhagen Flames is a new lineup. They have only played together since May, and have never had a real crisis.

On the contrary the team has never had a month where it hasn't improved its ranking, but what will happen when the honeymoon period inevitably ends?

This leads us to the second argument: Copenhagen Flames are inexperienced at the highest level. Their only veteran players are roeJ and HooXi, whom have never play in a Tier 1 team before.

With very little big-stage experience, there's every chance that the team will fold under the pressure of a big money move, which leads us to the third argument: The team wants to stick together, as a team.

Now why's that an issue you ask? Because you have a Danish core, which means if you want to swap out players, you'll need to replace them with Danes.

Even if you have the cash available, the best 10-15 Danish players are already contracted elsewhere, so where do you find improvements if the lineup doesn't work out? Just ask North how hard that is.

The fourth argument is perhaps the most damning: There simply is no way to recoup the investment.

Like, zero as in how many rounds coldzera usually gets twice a year:

  • The lineup team has less than 50,000 followers combined
  • It's just the 2nd best team in Denmark and only the 3rd most popular in a country of 5.7 million people
  • The revenue from their total merchandise sale, probably won't even cover the transaction fee

Adding to that, there is no way you can do what Copenhagen Flames have been so good at: Flip the individual players' contracts for profit.


Like we stated earlier, the team wants to stay together, but more importantly - the two Danish teams who could pay for a player, are already stocked up. Astralis got their lineup ready for the next few years, Heroic have just performed the best ever with their current lineup, and to boot you got es3tag, MSL, Farlig, aizy and more floating around at affordable levels.

Which means to say, if you're looking for somewhere to burn your money, maybe relaunch North with MSL. At least we'd be fans of that.

That doesn't mean we don't want these guys to be signed; they're very good at what they do, are young and hard working guys. It's just... we're not sure it makes business sense.

[Narrator]: If you need a top 10 team in the world, Copenhagen Flames are the cheapest option you're even going to get, so if that's what you're after, ignore the above and open your wallet.

November 14, 2021

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