Here lies HEN1 and NA

Elliott Griffiths
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Ah, HEN1.

Just when things were finally looking up again, and your stock was rising. Just when you actually looked like the best AWPer in Brazil, just when you'd found consistency, you get replaced by a guy with a perm who spells 'Payton' with two 'y's.

And it's for 'outside of the server issues', because of bloody course it is.

It's a great opportunity for a talented AWPer, though, to move to a genuinely quality team - but it's another exodus from a promising NA team. It follows news that the New England Whalers players will become free agents, and there are rumours of another Triumph player leaving too for the other game.

With Liquid and EG losing to rosters that are imploding (supposedly; Chaos retweeted this suggesting the rumours of them splitting up was true), NA CS is in the worst position it's been since mOE was vaguely respected in the scene.

At least their only Major winning organisation haven't picked up a team with more UK players than NA ones... oh. Never mind.

Is... is UK CS in a better spot than NA CS?

November 22, 2020

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