Here we go again Fnatic

Harry Richards
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Fnatic have cut poizon, Peppzor, and ALEX, leaving them with just mezii and KRIMZ on the roster.

And it seems like KRIMZ might have found a better offer already.

Before we get into the British org’s latest debacle, a quick recap:

August 2021. They sign mezii and ALEX before wasting two months with Jackinho. Then they sign smooya on trial and win a few online cups, before giving him a long term contract only to cut him one LAN later. Classic.

Then Brollan decides he didn’t want to speak English (or be in such a shit team). This left them with two academy players for a bit, before adding an AWPer on trial (poizon, who hadn’t played for months) and keeping Peppzor on.

And then they cut ALEX. Seems fair.

Well, just as fair as Cloud9 cutting him before his team even met in person.

Or as fair as a global pandemic halting travel for years just after he left Vitality because of burnout from travelling too much.

Like, the Colossus was hardly his fault: If they had had a bit more time, a squad with floppy, mezii, and Xeppaa would probably be the best NA team by now.

In comes Fnatic. Poor old ALEX has had 0 officials with a stable lineup. On our read at least, a team like MOUZ could do a lot worse than ALEX, despite his last 2 projects failing so catastrophically.

The other question is what becomes of Fnatic now?

Mezii and KRIMZ are solid pieces to build around, but who can they convince to join such a dumpster fire? MSL? Oskar? Nicoodoz has been rumoured but surely he’s out of reach, unless they just buy all of CPH Flames.

We’re all rooting for a legendary org staying in CS and being competitive, and with the Brollan money from NIP surely a few good players can be found — just look at moneyballers like ENCE.

But Jesus wept. If they are going to be successful then the management will want us to forget about the last 9 months.

May 22, 2022

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