Heroic bench refrezh ahead of IEM Cologne

Phillip Rasmussen
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: PGL / Luc Bouchonluc

“Quit while you’re ahead” is probably a decent piece of advice under normal circumstances, but when you’ve just won a $250K event against your Danish rivals, it feels weird to cut a player.

We get it, Heroic has been close to greatness, but disappointed greatly when it mattered, so a change was probably warranted.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t feel for refrezh, who had to take the knee just a week after lifting the trophy at Pinnacle Cup.

From heaven to hell in 7 days.

It’s like something straight out of French CS... well, minus the bickering, moaning, leaking and backstabbing.

In fact everyone seems to be truly happy for each other. cadiaN laments the need to kick a friend (so why did you do it??), and refrezh has nothing but “great words” for the players that kicked him.

In a cut-throat business like CS:GO, where kicks usually lead to livestreamed leaking of internal issues, this feels... unusual.

Maybe Heroic are just a nice bunch of friends, and this lineup had reached the end of its life, and winning against Astralis was just icing on the cake before the send-off? All that’s really missing is a viking-burial style video.

So who’s replacing refrezh? Danish media TV2 reported on the 11th of June, that Heroic was in conversations with CPH Flames about jabbi.

Which sort of makes sense. Heroic has struggled on LAN, no less through refrezh’s drop off, and jabbi had a magnificent run at the Antwerp Major with 1.40 rating in the EU RMR group-stage and 1.03 at the actual Major.

With less than two weeks until IEM Cologne however, Heroic will need to move fast to get jabbi signed and integrated into the lineup if they want to fire on all cylinders at the marquee event in Germany.

And refrezh? Well for now he’s “open to offers”, but we’d be surprised if a smart IGL doesn’t pick him up soon. Hey, MSL is still a free agent...

June 19, 2022

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