Heroic claims #1 in the world, for now

Gijs Verhoeff
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Source: Astralis, Na`Vi and Heroic

The Danes from Heroic have managed to outdo the other Danes, and the other other Danes - that one team that's starts with an N and ends in orth - along with the rest of the Counter-Strike world, as they grabbed the first spot in the most recent HLTV Rankings.

One person who was extremely happy with this news was Heroic's leader, cadiaN, who made sure to express his gratitude and happiness multiple times on his socials. And you kind of have to hand it to him, with all the sh- eh stuff he's been through: FPX pulling out after es3tag's move to Heroic, having to play in NA, being on North - you start to feel like he deserves it.

It also makes this video a whole different level of wholesome.

But don't get too excited yet, as we saw with BIG, those #1 in the world positions are fragile. With losses against both FaZe and BIG in ESL One New York, Heroic crashed out in the groups, making their position far from cemented.

Speaking of Danes and rankings, there's gotta be something in their water, as there are currently twelve Danish players in the top two - with Xyp9x coming back to Astralis - and Europe has been doing good overall as well, as they occupy all but one spot in the top six, and the entire top three.

Maybe we need a LAN tournament, say somewhere in Europe - like Germany for example - to decide who's best in 2020?

October 8, 2020

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